The E Y E S Have It!

Dr Carey Patrick from Allen-Fairview Rotary club was our guest speaker. She covered nutrient guidelines for staving off macular degeneration and other eye conditions.  A study she cited recommended 7 vitamins and minerals to which she’d add an 8th.
  1. Vitamin C promotes corneal health and helps the cornea heals from the insulting vicissitudes of life.
  2. Vitamin E figures in DNA and cell membrane re- pair; it slows macular degeneration.
  3. Essential fatty acids.
  4. Lutein and its facilitator, Zeaxanthin.
  5. Vitamin B complex for healthy red cells and to fight age-related hearing loss & autism.
  6. Zinc and its facilitator copper aid in the trans- port of Vitamin A to the eye.
  7. CoQ-10 for mitochondrial health. (Mitochondria are cells within our cells which manage oxygen and pro- duce ATP [adenosine triphosphate] which all cells use for energy. Mitochondria have separate DNA marking them as cellular invaders [without whom we wouldn’t sur- vive 3 seconds]. It’s useful for tracking female ancestry!)
  8. Vitamin D3 implicated in the battle with breast cancer, lupus, and migraine.