Chapter 8

Saturday, May 29, 2010.  As you may remember, the wedding reception that started last night continued to about 5:30 am today for those young and for those young at heart.  The out of town guests were invited to a brunch at the "Deck" over the water at the Sofitel Hotel on the Nile starting at 11 am through 3 pm.  Our chartered bus chariots were available at our affordable lodging (and also at the upscale 30 star hotels) starting at 11am to and from the very upscale Sofitel.  At the offset, most of the young and the young at heart wore dark sunglasses and appeared to wobble a little while walking the gangplank to arrive at the magnificent display of available food!  After a few glasses of Champaign, bloody mary's and lots of water, the  "young acting group" began to respond to life in the bright sun but they did continue to dash for any available seating that was sheltered from the sun.  We had everything imaginable under the sun (no pun intended) to eat and drink (medicinal drinks only).  Our hosts really know how to throw a party.  Did I say that enough times before?


Towards mid-afternoon we sashshayed up to the veranda overlooking the Nile to sit and relax under the ceiling fans at the Sofitel.  To our enjoyment, the bride and groom and the bride's family set down to visit with us and we could  personally thank them for this unbelievable, once in a life time experience.  Our Fez hats are off to  everyone for making this available to us.  Thus, our part of the wedding story comes to a close as the future story of the bride and groom is just  beginning.  This scribe was reminded of the beginning of his story with his bride, Donna 46 years ago,  and wishes Nora and Charles a good life encircled by family and friends.


We chose to  enjoy our Rotary District 5810 friends with an evening sail boat ride at the Doc Doc where we enjoyed our Felucca, complete with beverages, including but not limited to wine, beer, chips, sandwiches, cookies and Egyptian music.  We were privileged to have the groom's grandparents join us and learned from "grandpa" the "how to turn over a sailboat when you do not want to" story!  We accepted the story but did not try to duplicate his feat.  The setting sun was beautiful and the lighted hotels and boats on the Nile were fantastic!


Good night to all, your scribe, lbs