Chapter 4

Tuesday, May 25. 2010 was a day of rest for mature visitors.  We stayed in our beds until about 8 am (and actually got bed sores from staying in bed so long) had a leisurely breakfast and returned to our rooms to consider our options.  Bud and Sandy took a nap and Donna just snored for about an hour.  Our goal for the day was to find (a precursor to buy) the official soccer (football) jersey of the national soccer team for Nathan (grandson of scribe)-the one that plays soccer( a united states term for football).  Well, we started out on our trek and found the one place in all of Egypt that did not have an English speaking sales department and through the use of sign language and jesters we determined that the store did not have the official jersey but he promised one that was surely acceptable.  We declined and backed out of the shop with our hands on our wallets.  We progressed down the beaten path, arriving at another well known eatery, Cilantro's-a boutique coffee~ shoppe with sandwiches (I was broken hearted when the patron beside us left without touching her cheesecake and I was sorely tempted to reach over for it, but the crowd I was with disapproved of such a bold concept).  Afterwards, we wandered aimlessly (not to be confused with lost) around the upper Nile looking for the special jerseys following some specific directions that one sales person said "go about two blocks to the left, one to the right, another to the  right and then look up to the second floor of some building.  Well, as good Texas trail followers, we persisted and found the one place in all of Cairo that sold the sought after jersey!


Exhausted, but fully satisfied with our new purchase, we returned to our affordable lodging to consider our next adventure.  We decided to go to the Doc Doc on the water (true name) and barter for a sail boat ride (known as a feullica).  After ten minutes of bartering, we got the price down from $12 plus tip to an even $12 including tip.  We were proud of our ability to negotiate this deal.  We then departed with Capitan Hook on the Cleopatra sailing vehicle at 8 pm to start the most amazing views this writer can remember!!!  Our port was close to the Four Seasons and the Grand Hyatt and we saw about a dozen of the most beautifully displayed hotels in the world.   The lights and the sails boats (at an affordable price) are well worth the trip  to Cairo.  We sailed around on the Nile for about an hour, taking in breathtaking views of hotels, Minarets, the Cairo Tower and some dinner ships that resembled the boats that the original Cleopatra might have sailed upon.  This trip at sunset is a must for all and beautiful anytime at night.


We returned to port and darted (with prayer) across the ten lane street, taking our four lives to the maximum risk.  Upon our safe arrival we casually walked into the Four Seasons Hotel to see how the Sheiks and Pharaohs really relaxed and enjoyed the comfortable living, had a nice refresher, gracefully walked out among the sophisticated and had a black tied doorman find us a taxi back to our affordable housing.  Then, we were off to bed to start a new adventure the next day!


As always, your scribe, lbs