Our own L. B. Showalter and a few other Rotarians from District 5810 travelled to Egypt to attend the wedding of the child of a Richardson East Rotarian - J. D. Grimm.  The travellers have provided a journal of their exploits for our enjoyment.  The first chapter was written by Sandra Forster of th Garland Rotary club and the remainder by our own L. B. The Radiant.  Enjoy...

Just an update on our activities so far. 


Our day in Cairo was fairly uneventful - visiting old Cairo, touring the Coptic Christian area with the historic churches, artisan craft shops, planning out our day for Sunday. 


However, this evening the four of us, the Showalters and Bud & I went out toward the River Nile for coffee and dessert. Came to a delightful coffee shop bustling with students relaxing with others enjoying lattes, cappuccino's and other coffee laced delights. We relaxed, visited and later walked along the Nile. As we wandered back toward our hotel we came to a Coptic Christian church with a wedding just beginning. We observed for a few minutes from across the street and decided to cross over and see if we would be allowed to stand outside the cathedral doors and listen. The police nearby encouraged us to proceed up the stairs and watch. With a bit of trepidation we proceeded up the stairs to the main church doors and those outside greeted us with warm smiles, nodding and ushering us inside. Amazed, one gentleman, a good friend of the bride's father took us by the hand and lead us to a pew to seat us personally!


I am sitting here in a beautiful wooden church pew, watching an amazing wedding ceremony in the middle of Cairo, Egypt! The guests were a mixture of Christian and Muslims. Each nodding and smiling at us, sharing the joy of a beautiful, handsome couple being blessed with their wedding vows by their priest. The sanctuary is arraigned with lilies and greenery draping the pews. Satin had been laid down the main aisle with flowers and ribbons adorning the ends of each pew. The priest has presented gold polished crowns that he places first on the bride, then the groom. With dignity and joy he blesses each and joins their hands together. Soon their vows are completed, they are blessed once more then depart for photos in the side yard of the church. 


One gentleman, sitting behind us welcomes us and has each of his four children ask us "How are you" in halting English. The youngest boy, age 3, was shy, the oldest boy proudly told me he was 7. The little girl would smile then bury her face into Dad's chest peeking out to us. His oldest daughter comes up, she is 12 maybe 11 and with confidence shakes each of our hands and greets us. 


Outside, the father of the bride's friend, again greets us outside, elated we had joined in and witness the sacred occasion. He shared with us how for over 1400 years the Coptic Christians had been derided, ridiculed for their faith and dwindled from a majority to a small minority here in Egypt. There is a small, but rising voice for the rights of other religions here he said due to the Internet and more widespread reporting of violations of others here. His passion was intense and persuasive. Again, he thanked us for coming, hoped we would enjoy Egypt and the many treasures here. 


One treasure we definitely are finding is the warmth and welcoming spirit of the people here. 


Tomorrow we are off to view the Pyramids of Giza! 


More to come...

Sandy & Bud




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