A total of 181 Rotarians registered for the District 5710 Conference held May 5-6 at the Overland Park Sheraton, including 16 members from our club! If there was an award for highest percentage of club participation at the district conference, I'm pretty sure we would win! It was thrilling to see such great participation from our club, as well as other clubs around the district. Lenexa Rotarians in attendance included: Terry Tevis, Matt Janes, Pat Thomas, Steve Nettles, Phil Hammond, Mike Dix, JC Burcham, Dinah Sykes, Jason Bledsoe, Milton Jeffrey, Tobias Scheffler, Ron Tennissen, Moe Cougher, Greg Peterson, Alan Kruckemyer, and most importantly, Jason Leib, who chaired the planning committee for the whole conference! 
Indoor skydiving at a Rotary conference? You bet!! Greg Peterson, Steve Nettles, Dinah Sykes, and Jason Leib (with his wife, Jacquelyn) suited up and gave it a try. Other participants visited the Prairiefire Museum or played at TopGolf.
Also at the conference, attendees packaged 13,000+ meals for Rise Against Hunger--in record time, under an hour! 
Please take a moment to thank Jason Leib for his efforts in organizing this year's conference. He and his committee did an excellent job.