The Gates Foundation has donated $250 million dollars to Rotary to finish the job of immunizing all newborns for the next few years. To receive all of that money Rotarians need to match one hundred million.
Each club is expected to donate at least $1,000 per year for 3 years to make our quota. This is the second year, so if you have not yet met your obligation now is the time. I have been the chair or co chair of the Polio district effort since appointed by John Begg in 1994, and therefore have all of the history and up to date (last week a great video)information. I will be happy to come to your club for an update, and to educate new Rotarians about the history going back to 1985. Once defeated this would be only the second disease in the history of the world to be eliminated. Be part of history. For questions on any of these please call me at 401 942 8573, or Lou Marciano, PDG 1991-92 International Advisor Rotary Water Resources Group 221 Hillcrest Drive (N) Cranston, RI 02921-2621 (401)942-8573 Phone/fax/voicemail Look Beyond Yourself, because, THE FUTURE OF ROTARY IS IN YOUR HANDS