When people hear that I have volunteered to be President again, the most common comment I have gotten is “Haven’t you already been President?”
As most of you know, I grew up in a Rotary household.  My father was in Rotary for 60 plus years.  He was Rotarian of the Year more than once.  He was President more than once.  He volunteered and supported every event that his club put on.  He always gave to the Foundation and was a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow.  He always gave 100% to being a Rotarian.  This is the example that was set for me, and this is the example I follow.  
Being a Rotarian doesn’t mean just coming to lunch every week and spending time with friends, even though it is one of my favorite things to do every week . Being a Rotarian means supporting Rotary International and supporting Rockland Rotary Club for every event that we put on.  Now, supporting every event doesn’t necessarily mean you have to physically volunteer to BE at the event.  Supporting every event also doesn’t mean you have to give $100 towards it. Supporting every event means spreading the word in the community so the community can talk about Rotary and what we do.  Being a Rotarian means always thinking of ways to raise more money, or bring in new members, or just telling your friends and families what we do.
The Rotary International theme this year is "Rotary Serving Humanity".   The new RI President, John Germ says “Rotary has kept its light under a bushel for too long.  We need to do a better job of promoting our cause.  That’s the challenge ahead, but I don’t see it as a problem.  I don’t believe in problems, I believe in solutions”. 
We have a lot to do this year.  We have two District Grants - the Wheelchair Grant  and the Hospitality House Grant.  The Hannaford Cards and Amazon Smile program will help, but we need some new solutions for raising money.
We also have the Centennial Celebration for the Rotary Foundation this year as well.  The first donation to the Foundation was $26.50 made by the Rotary Club of Kansas City in 1917.  I am asking every member to  help celebrate the Centennial by giving some form of that original amount.  $26.50, $126.50, $226.50... Are you seeing a pattern?
Rotary International is changing the rules and our club has to change with it.  I know change is hard, it’s hard for me too, but we have to make changes to attract new members.  Rotary International is more focused on what we do and less on how many meetings we attend.   In the latest Rotarian Magazine, RI President John Germ says “My question isn’t “How many meetings did you make?”  It’s “How are you making a difference in your community?”  It is a tough balancing act because if you don’t come to meetings, you are less likely to be involved in what is going on in the club.

So, let’s all try and make a difference this year, have FUN, spread the Rotary word, and let’s get more people to join us!  Let’s show everyone what "Rotary Serving Humanity"  and Being a Rotarian is all about!