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David Jackson, Superintendent
Apr 19, 2021
Canterbury Schools
Barbara Baekgaard
Apr 26, 2021
The Bradley Hotel
April 2021
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The Rotary Club of Fort Wayne is back to

in-person meetings at Parkview Field!

Zoom meeting attendance continues as an option.

Please attend via the means that works best for you!


MONDAY MEETINGS at Parkview Field and via Zoom

12:00 - 1:00 PM MEETING
April 12 2021
Father Eric Zimmer
University of Saint Francis
Zoom meeting link: 
ROTARY IS... Justin Clupper
House: Al Diefenbach
AV: Lynne Gilmore
PROGRAM: Father Eric Zimmer, University of St. Francis
MENU: Soups and Salad, Sliced Roast Beef, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans and Corn, Assorted Cookies
Programs coming up…. Remember to invite guests to hear our great programs!
April 19:  David Jackson, Superintendent, Canterbury Schools
April 26: Barbara Baekgaard, The Bradley Hotel
May 3: Special Paul Harris Award Presentations & Celebration
  • June 24: Annual Celebration Dinner at Parkview Field
  • District 6540 Conference April 23–24, 2021 --VIRTUAL
  • The Big Easy Feast will be held at Parkview Field on September 14, 2021
  • Club Meetings are back at Parkview Field! We will continue to also offer the Zoom meeting option -  Please feel free to attend in whichever method works best for you
  • As we attend club meetings on Zoom, don’t forget the support for service fee! Send a check to Rotary, PO Box 11141, Fort Wayne IN 46856 ($3 per week) or pay using paypal:
  • The Zoom Room is available for committee meetings.  Schedule with Jane.
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Spin Author - Lisa Long
     Attendance summary for April 5th:  25 + 2 guests at Parkview Field; 29 on Zoom
Club President Jeff Peat held a moment of silence for the three female polio vaccine providers who were killed in Afghanistan last week. Unidentified gunmen killed the workers. “We can only beat polio if people want it to happen,” President Jeff said.   
Moment of Inspiration -  Lorelei VerLee
“After a year of incredible dependence on our medical institutions, have you ever noticed some weird symbols on the American Medical Association and the World Health Organization? I had never really paid attention, but recently I noticed the snake wrapped around a pole (the caduceus) and I thought, That’s pretty weird. There lots of historical connections to this, but the symbols of healing resonate for me, especially from the Bible.
I don’t know if you remember the story in the Old Testament, Numbers 21. People had been dying en masse from snakebites. And so Moses held up a staff that had a bronze serpent on it and if the people looked at it, they actually were healed.
And then in the New Testament in John 3, Jesus, knowing that his crucifixion was coming, and of course we’ve just gone through Holy Week and Easter yesterday, says in the message, ‘No one has ever gone up into the presence of God, except for the one who came down from that presence, the Son of Man. In the same way that Moses lifted the serpent in the desert so people could have something to see and to believe, it is necessary for the Son of Man to be lifted up, and everyone who looks up to him, trusting and expectant, will gain a real life, eternal life.’
My prayer this Easter season is that you will find healing from the ravishes of the pandemic that we are going through and renewal in the deepest part of who you are because you are so very loved. Amen.” 
“Rotary is…protecting the environment” - Ruth Koontz
"In celebration of spring, I wanted to bring to you an article I found in the most recent Rotary magazine. The article explains that although protecting the environment has always been important to Rotarians, during the 2019-2020 Rotary year, Rotary officially adopted the environment as a new area of focus.
Starting July 1 of this year applications for global grants under the environmental area of focus will start being accepted. As some of you may know, a few years ago I had the opportunity to visit India and see the impact of a global grant, one of ours, it was one that our club had helped with. It allowed for a children’s hospital to provide additional heart surgeries.
I often feel like I’m just one person who as an individual can not make a big impact on a large area of concern such as the environment. However, knowing all that Rotary has done in the world, I’m encouraged of the good we can do now that Rotary has taken a step in adopting the environment as a new area of focus."
High Fives
Barb Wachtman shared that her church, Trinity English Lutheran, had its Easter service at Parkview Field. Many in attendance had kudos and said “the  Parkview staff was absolutely the best staff they have ever worked with.” They also blessed Holly Raney, special event manager. President Jeff said, “And it’s fun when the service is held at Parkview Field because the Communion is actually brats.” (No lightning was heard or seen on camera.) He gave a high five for the Go Baby Go project.
Rotary Proud
 President Jeff said the social media committee started the Rotary Proud campaign as a way to inform the public about what Rotary is doing in the community. If you haven’t shared a statement, please do so or email Barb or Jeff and say why you are proud of being in Rotary.
Two that he shared:

Barb Wachtman: “The Rotary Club of Fort Wayne is vibrant, from our diverse projects to our compelling weekly programs and then when I realized that my Rotary contribution stretched around the world to literally help millions, it makes me grateful and proud that I am a Rotarian.”
Sharon Pohly: “Of the tremendous ripple effect that our Rotary Youth Exchange program has, one student travels, two families are deeply touched, a whole high school and members of two Rotary clubs in different countries all become changed through the experience of that one student.”
Keep reading further in this week's Spin for more information for how you can make your Rotary Proud statement and video.
Happy birthday to us
 The past district governor of District 3150 in India sent the club best wishes on our 106th anniversary April 1. 
Polio Plus Update - Your Support is Needed
Please consider giving to PolioPlus. Holli Seabury sent out an email recently that donations are down 11% and concerns are being raised that the $50 million that Rotary needs to raise to get the Gates Foundation match of $100 million will not be met. If our club doesn’t make its goal, we still get a match but not as big of a match, reported President Jeff Peat. You can have your credit card run at Rotary meetings or bring a check, give at (note that it’s a PolioPlus donation), or go to and sign in. 


Annual Rotary Celebration Dinner

Lynne Gilmore announced the upcoming Annual Rotary Celebration Dinner will be held Thursday, June 24, 2021 at Parkview Field, time "to be announced".  Lynne says this will be a date in history you will not want to miss! 


April 3 Go Baby Go Get Your Keys event day: Vroom vroom! 
Lynne Gilmore reported on Rotarians from the Fort Wayne club as well as Summit City South, Columbia City and Ossian, physical and occupational therapists, and friends and families being on hand Saturday, April 3rd as five children received a Go Baby Go vehicle and baby driver’s licenses at the Fort Wayne Go Baby Go Chapter at Turnstone. 
Due to the generosity of donors, especially Nick and Priya Shah, a second event has been added to this year's calendar, meaning five more children will receive a Go Baby Go vehicle over the summer. 
These vehicles are adapted so children with different mobility abilities can operate them. For instance, Lynne attended the build day at Huntington University where the Jeep for Landon, who has spina bifida, was adapted with an extra disc on the foot pedal so he could reach it. Rose Marie, who has a form of dwarfism, is tiny “but, boy, does she rock that car; she’s bigger than life,” Gilmore said of the yellow sports car.
Audrey Bruce, a doctoral student at Huntington University, seen in the photo with Landon’s Jeep, is the reason behind the program coming to the community. Ruth Ford, director of the Doctor of Occupational Therapy program at Huntington, is a past Rotary Club of Fort Wayne member and will be returning to the club July 1 after she retires at the end of the school year, Lynne said. She said a student is already working on the project for the next five vehicles.
Lynne also talked about Rotary adopting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and was excited to see a Sunday newspaper article on Carroll’s unified sports program, which combines teams of students with and without disabilities, with the Go Baby Go article underneath. “Fort Wayne gets a lot of great news about what inclusion looks like in our community and that’s a really proud thing to be.”