Fotini Chandrika Walton 
Fotini Chandrika Walton was guest speaker to the Rotary Club of Alliston via Zoom on Monday, January 24, 2022 at 7pm. Please visit her websites for more information about her programs.
Author of ‘The Sacred Horse’ (coming soon!)
Instagram: @redbarnwellnessfarm
& @awakenwithhorses 
“Horses lead the way to a whole new world!”
Bio for Fotini Chandrika Walton:

Fotini Chandrika has spent the past decade as devoted Steward and Listener of her four Horses, Spirit, Malachi, Penny and Isa, who are her teachers and partners in their Equine Guided Wellness practice. She is a born empath and has lived in the wonder of sacred communion with the Animal Kingdom and at home in the Natural world since her earliest memories. Fotini is the Founder of Awaken With Horses International, where she is wholeheartedly devoted to the mission of the Horses as they lead the way to a better world for both Horse and Human. Together with the Herd, Fotini shares a unique modality, Horse Wisdom Yoga® which offers intuitively guided, creative, private sessions, small group retreats and various training opportunities at Red Barn Wellness Farm in Loretto, Ontario, Canada.  Fotini strongly believes in the importance of reciprocal wellbeing between both Horse and Human. Through her support programs for Horse Stewards and Equine Guided Professionals, Fotini shares two decades of personal and professional experience in the study of, holistic care for and thriving partnership with Horse as teacher and partner with equine enthusiasts from around the world. For more information, please visit or @awakenwithhorses on Instagram. .  *Horse Wisdom Yoga® is not yoga on horseback. All activities take place on the ground. No Horse experience necessary*

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