Feb 08, 2021 6:45 PM
Dr. Tanyss Munroe
Amarok Society

Tanyss MunroDr. Tanyss Munro has devoted her life and career to improving educational opportunities for disadvantaged people across Canada and abroad. She has achieved extraordinary success in this endeavour as teacher, principal, district director, senior advisor in the federal government and with First Nations government. She has been active in international education as a specialist with the Commonwealth of Learning and other international organizations and advises two international development organizations currently. In addition to co-founding Amarok Society, she has a long history of charitable and social activity. By adoption, she is a Wendat (Huron) Indian. She recently co-edited ‘Learning to Live Together: Using Distance Education for Community Peacebuilding”, a book of experiences from around the globe illustrating this new approach to peacebuilding in communities.