Posted by Jenny Belser on Sep 07, 2018
Each month, we will feature a story highlighting one of Los Gatos Morning Rotary Club's proud members. Get to know a little more about the Club, by hearing about our members.
Meet Ginger Taylor McDonald, founding member of the Los Gatos Morning Rotary in 2003, and Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year 2018 

Ginger has a story that will someday become a novel. Born to hard working mom and a prize fighting dad, she grew up in Downtown Los Angeles. She remembers the good times but laughs that she was really a little Mexican American gypsy of sorts finding her way in a big city. She landed her first job at the local soda fountain, convincing the owner that 50 cents an hour was fine so long as she got free hamburgers and milkshakes.
Upon high school graduation, she quickly became a professional in the true sense of he word. She started in the transportation industry where her colleagues quickly noticed she had a very good head for numbers. She was promoted through the ranks, and moved up the corporate ladder with ease. She embraced the idea of a computer replacing her slide rule and segued into a high tech career.
Never one to shy away from a challenge, as a single mom in her late thirties, she decided to get a college degree in Business and Journalism at SJ State University. Equipped with all she needed, she broke that glass ceiling that so many women of that generation faced. She had made it and she founded her own company, GTM Marketing. 
While Ginger is proud of her professional accomplishments she is equally as proud of being a strong mother for her two children, Jeff and Jennifer, and an amazing wife to John McDonald. Even their love story is one to be admired. Most dear to her heart these days is her volunteer work - as a Rotarian.
Ginger was the founding member of the Los Gatos Morning Rotary in 2003. She has held several offices, both locally and Internationally, including Club President. She has chaired many fundraisers for the Club as well. Her volunteering has spanned numerous organizations, including Silicon Valley Habitat for Humanity, Women's Health Conference, YWCA of Santa Clara Valley, Los Gatos Music and Arts Association and many more. We honor her today because she sets an example for all of us of what it means to be a community citizen. 
Ginger attributes all her success to always being surrounded by love.