Speaker Date Topic
President Tim Lundell + Club Assembly + Fellowship May 18, 2022
Another Club Assembly & fellowship meeting at DD's
Another Club Assembly & fellowship meeting at DD's

Location/Time: Double D's, 354 N Santa Cruz (use public parking) 
Date/Time: May 11 - 5-6 p.m.
Appetizers and soft drinks provided
Beer, wine, etc. billed individually 
Potential members are invited - club to comp
Friends and family - $15/ per person at the door

Justin Stockan Chief SCCFD May 25, 2022 7:30 AM
News and Safety about the upcoming fire season
News and Safety about the upcoming fire season

About Chief Stockan

I came to the fire service in 2010 hopeful to make a difference in my community. Several years working on ambulances had upended my understanding of our social systems, a bachelor's degree in biology had provided education but with little context, and a fascination with technology had opened doors to possibilities I couldn't quite grasp.

I spent the first five years learning the basics of fighting fire but also advanced my understanding of compassion, what public service really means, and the collaboration and teamwork that are necessary to make change when it matters most.

Under the guidance of some of the greatest leaders I have ever met, I began expanding my role in our fire department and beyond. I humbly accepted a position on California's FIRESCOPE Emerging Information Technology committee, promoted to Fire Captain, and began deploying to large emergencies as an Incident Information Technology Specialist. 

Through these experiences and opportunities i've started making the connections that will guide my career well into the 2040s. I am dedicated to finding the nexus between technology and public safety in a way that maximizes safety and efficiently. I am a firm believer that communications technology remains in its infancy, and public safety is responsible to ensure that it is best leveraged in service of the people, property and environment that make our nation so special. I do not accept that "good" is good enough. The fire service is entering a new era of innovation and progressive decision making, and I intend to help cultivate a world where this new thinking provides safety, security and prosperity in ways we have yet to even imagine.