Posted by Jenny Belser on Sep 07, 2018
Each month, we will feature a story highlighting one of Los Gatos Morning Rotary Club's proud members. Get to know a little more about the Club, by hearing about our members.
Meet Mags McInerney, LG Morning Rotary member since 2014…
     Mags was introduced to LG Morning Rotary by her neighbor.  It was a good time in her life to get more involved, and giving back to the community appealed to Mags.  Originally from Ireland, and after moving back to the Los Gatos area in 2010, the social aspects of the club were also a plus.
     As an active member, Mags has appreciated the flexibility of the club – being able to volunteer for events, community service and activities matched to her interests locally and internationally – and not being pigeon-holed in specific roles.  She’s also very committed to volunteering at the ‘all hands on deck’ fundraising events sponsored by the club, with everyone working together for a great cause.
     Over her 4 years in Rotary, Mags has received great satisfaction from the service activities, and just as importantly, has benefitted from the social connections made through club members.  If you’re thinking of getting more involved in the Los Gatos Community, Mags would highly recommend checking out the Los Gatos Morning Rotary.