This bulletin will provide you with some key points and agenda items from our weekly meeting. We are looking forward to seeing you next week.
Javed Ellahie has submitted his application for membership
John Morino will be transferring from the San Jose Rotary
Rotary Minute
Jenny provided an update on this year’s scholarship program, led by JoAnn. Over 20 applications were submitted. 10 scholarships, including the Doug and Jesse scholarship, were awarded to students at Westmont and Leigh.
Open Mic
Pres. Richard congratulated Tim on the excellent District Conference held last week on the Hornet Aircraft Carrier
Pres. Richard invited members to attend Trevor’s Offsite Meeting on 5/24 at the Toll House – 2;00 PM
Moira announced that there are only 3 open slots for the Bocce Tournament – Bocce de Campo – Sunday 6/2 at 2:00 PM. First come first serve.
Mags announced the formation of the Lighting for Literacy Non-profit which will operate separately from LGMR. In the past 2 months, 110 LfL units have been installed in Mexico and the Philippines. An inventory of 100 units is available for immediate deployment.
Plein Air Update
Ginger: Thanks to the many volunteers involved, the fundraiser is ready to go as scheduled on June 18 to 22. Sponsors have committed to $45K in support. This is an All Hands-on Deck project
Carol: 27 artists have signed up. Housing, processing, and orientation are in place.
Jenny/Nicole: Marketing efforts are ongoing – social media, posters, press, and postcards. Members are asked to inform friends and associates. No need to sell tickets this year.
Mags: In place of a gala, there will be a public showing of “artist choice” and “People’s choice” paintings on Saturday evening in the breezeway off 100 Santa Cruz Ave. Funds will be raised via auction and wine sales.
Barbara: All members will be notified of their assignments via email.
Guest Speaker
Cherie Ravel, Dir. Of Adult Programs at JCC gave a moving talk on the Holocaust. Several survivors in this area collaborated to create a Memorial located at JCC. It depicts the destruction of , the arrest, and transportation of Jewish people, the Nazi concentration camps and the tattooing of prisoners. Cherie read the recollections of a local survivor. You had to be here to fully feel the impact of what he and others endured.Synagogues.