Posted by Scott Savage on Jul 26, 2018
Participating in “hands on” community service projects can be some of the most rewarding experiences for any Rotarian.  The satisfaction that one receives at the completion of a service project far and away exceeds any time and effort expended. In fact, because the work is done with other Rotarians, the projects prove to be engaging social activities as well.
To that end, one of goals this year, and really every year, is to provide our members with opportunities to contribute in meaningful ways through community service.
As a reminder, on the first Wednesday of every month Club members have the opportunity to work with West Valley Community Services in their efforts to aid the less fortunate in our community. Many members have participated in these efforts and I encourage you to reach out for additional information if this wonderful opportunity is of interest to you.
Last year, club members had the chance to work with the Montalvo Arts Center as we assisted one of their artists in the preservation of one of his outdoor pieces. This took place for about four hours one weekend morning and was really a lot of fun for those involved. 
This year, we have the opportunity to work with Montalvo again, albeit on a considerably larger and more audacious scale. In September, Montalvo will be welcoming internationally acclaimed artist Bruce Munro as he begins a six-week process of installing a series of light displays throughout the Montalvo grounds. Once installed the show, which opens at the end of October, will run three nights a week for five months and Montalvo is seeking docent assistance during each exhibition. Many people will be participating in these efforts and the work will not fall solely upon Rotarians to accomplish, but we have an opportunity to contribute in a meaningful and visible way.  
I am reaching out to other Rotary Clubs in our District as this is the kind of project that could really help to bring us together in service.
For a sneak peak, please take a look at the related website:
If you click on the menu icon (top left) and then the Watch Videos link (bottom left) the banner picture will be one of multicolored flamingos which change color during the evening. This is but one of the pieces that will be installed for this show.
I look forward to bringing additional information about this incredible opportunity to work with the community and with other Rotarians to the Club in the very near future.