Situation Assessment by CBO

The Osupuko Oleng’ Suswa Community Based Organization (CBO) is a Suswa community initiative which has already undertaken an assessment of the area. Based on a tour of the region in 2015, the following emerged as dire priorities:
  1. Clean drinking water especially in the following schools
    1. Victory County School 
    2. Ereteti Primary School
    3. Nakurto Lukuny Primary School
    4. Enkaroni School
  2. Environmental upgrading
    1. Reforestation/Tree planting projects
    2. Development of a tree nursery
    3. Several programs currently in place raising and planting 9 different species of trees. The trees benefited both schools and the local community. A reliable supply of water is important for this initiative.
  3. Adult literacy
  4. Health
The CBO observed that the school roofs could provide a lot of much needed clean water during the rainy seasons. This harvested water can be stored in large tanks and used during dry seasons. The main challenge is the provision of storage tanks of sufficient capacity, gutters and pipes. (See Our Solution)
The CBO has established partnerships with:
  1. Rotary Club of Hurlingham, Nairobi
  2. The Government through Registration Certificate
  3. Government Agencies:
    1. Ewaso Ngiro South Development Agency (ENSDA)
    2. Ministry of Agriculture
    3. Kenya Forest Research Institute (KEFRI)
    4. Ministry of Education (MOE)
    5. Adult and Continued Education (NEMA)

Situation Assessment by the Rotary Clubs

In 2017, the Rotary Club of Hurlingham conducted a site visit and assessment of the community and schools and confirmed the critical need for these systems. They have identified an organization called the Africa Water Bank (AWB), who they have already completed one project with before, to provide the expertise in construction and for training and maintenance for the system. (See Our Solution)
In 2018, the project lead from the Rotary Club of Vancouver Yaletown, Neil Mort, visited the Suswa region to conduct another site visit and assessment along with Rotarians of the Hurlingham Club and with the CEO of AWB, Chip Morgan. Together, they have witnessed and interviewed school principals and villagers about challenges around clean water, reconfirming the need for immediate help. (See Videos and Media)
“All in all, the community faces a number of challenges but water tops them all as the key challenge. The entire community in the area relies on buying water from the neighbouring town or temporary water collection pans that form whenever it rains or water flows from the neighbouring areas. Due to its geographical location, being on the leeward side of the mountain, they at times see it raining on the other side of the mountain but they remain on the rain shadow and can only benefit if the water flows to their area. Otherwise the children, parents and animals are all affected by the water challenge.
We learnt that many times the men have to sell their animals at throw away prices in order to get cash to buy water. This limits the economic growth of the community. Support from the local government is not consistent hence difficult to rely on it.”
Rotary Club of Hurlingham, site visit March 2017

Local Contributions

10 acres of land has been donated by the Suswa community for the purpose of the intended activities.
The school committee, parents, and the CBO members have raised approximately $200,000 KSH, equivalent to $2000 USD.