Project Scope

Our goal is to provide funds for the construction and implementation of sustainable water systems, using the method of rainwater harvesting (See Our Solution), for the following schools:
  • Victory County School
  • Eriteti School Suswa
  • Nakurto Lukuny School Suswa
  • Enkaroni School Suswa
This will include construction and training of the water system, toilets and sanitation station, a health and sanitation education program, and school supplies. Due to the scope of the project, it will be broken into two phases with two schools in each phase.


Based on the initial project assessment by the Rotary Club of Hurlingham, the projected cost of the project is $30,000 USD for each of our four targeted schools, totaling to $120,000 USD ($160,000 CDN).
The Rotary Club of Vancouver Yaletown will be applying for matching grants through District and Global grants with the Rotary Foundation. This will allow every dollar donated to be multiplied up to 3.5 times. Our fundraising goal for the first phase will therefore be approximately $30,000 CDN, totalling to approximately $105,000 CDN after matching grants. The Rotary Club of Hurlingham is committed to raising a portion of this and the local community has already raised approximately $2000 USD.