Update July 2019:

Thank you for your support! We have reached our fundraising goal for our first of two water systems. The matching grant from the Rotary Foundation has been approved and the construction at the first school has been completed. Thanks to all of our supporters from around the world who have made contributions, Nakurto Lukuny School located in the Suswa region of Kenya will now have their own sustainable supply of drinking water and new toilet facilities, which will be supplemented by ongoing training and education program in water management, health and sanitation. This means that children and their families will not have to walk great distances to collect water, to obtain water from unsanitary conditions, or divert funds intended for education towards buying water.

We look forward to beginning our next phase with another school in Suswa and hope to have your support again for this worthwhile and transforming cause. Please watch for the Rotary grant project number for our next phase. We will continue to accept donations in person and online through GoFundMe.


Online donation

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Cheque Donation

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The Rotary Club of Vancouver Yaletown
Memo: Water Harvesting Project
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1077 Marinaside Crescent, Suite #1702
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ATTN: Water Harvesting Project

“Clean water and sanitation is a human right. When people, especially children, have access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene, they lead healthier and more successful lives.” 
Rotary International


Thank You For Your Support!