Mendham Rotary
is participating in the Worldwide Rotary efforts to bring water and sanitation to everyone in the world who does not have it.

In Aprill of 2011, Mendham Rotary Club completed a Rotary District 7470 grant to help a school in Northeast  South Africa replace their failed well pump. This will allow the school of 531 students to have water to drink as well as irrigation for their garden which is a community resource.

 Mendham Rotary also completed their Guatemala Water Filter Project. This project supplied water filters to Mayan families around Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

Please join Mendham Rotary in working on water projects. If you have an idea for a project, maybe we can work together to help you with your project. Rotary is a good way to run a project as there are Rotarians on both ends which assures that the money goes where it is intended.

Rotary is
taking on Clean Water worldwide. This is a long term project and Rotary wants every club to be involved. For more information look at the WASRAG website:

Also look at the Guatemala Water Filter Project on

Links to two organizations Mendham Rotary might work with in South Africa:

Seeds of Light  at
A Spring of Hope at