Hillary Larkin will be here this week to tell us about Project Graduation at Mendham High School. Be there!

At last week's meeting, Adrienne informed the club that James Morsch of Mendham and Colleen Farley of Chester would be this year's RYLA student and will attend the RYLA weekend at Drew University. This year the students will be sophomores as the SATs are held on the same weekend demanding the attention of Junior class student.

After our discussion about meals at meetings, Adrienne and Jim T met with Gary from the Black Horse to discuss what we can do. The meeting went well and we will see changes starting this week. Gary is anxious to work with us. Be sure to come and watch the menu evolve. More will be disclosed at the meeting. Keep those comments coming over the coming months and the future is hopeful.

 What will the club be doing this coming year? What do you want to do? What do you want the club to do? What part will you play? Do you have a favorite project/charity that you have always wanted to be involved in and can Mendham Rotary help you get there.

Members may assume that we are having an Antique Show next year as usual and be waiting for Dilip to confirm with the school that they will permit it. Even if the School does let us continue, we need to be aware that the members who have traditionally done the work will not be available next time around.  So,  if we can find some one outside the club to run the show, we will not net much money. Georgine, Jim, Dagmar have retired. Dilip is moving away. I do not think Jim L wants to do it on his own. So, who then?  Keep thinking. We need a fresh fundraiser. Something you will want to work hard to make happen. Maybe we should revert to just being a supper club and FORGET ABOUT IT!!!

The bulletin and Rooster editor will be moving over the next two weeks. Since his computer will most likely not be working, there will be no e-bulletin nor Rooster unless someone would like to pick up the slack.

Remember that this part of the Rooster is
for you to express your feeling about where
we are and where you would like to see the
club go in the future.  Send the editor any-
thing you want published.