Club Visit
Wed. Aug. 1st 6:30pm

Board mtg. with DG Avi
prior to meeting at 6pm

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Last week we watched the District 7470 RYLA video. This video gives an overview of the RYLA program, as well as some feedback by RYLA students. We all learned something about the program, and look forward to having our recent RYLA students as our guests in the fall.

THIS WEEK: DG AVI TILAK will be visiting our club. Let's have a good turnout so we can all meet our new DG.

NEXT WEEK: Our meeting scheduled for Wed. Aug. 8th has been moved to Tues. Aug. 7th (still at 6:30pm). Our exchange student, Miyu Sakamoto, will be leaving the US to go home to Japan later that night - so we will have a chance to say "goodbye" before she returns home.

Upcoming District Events:

See the District Web Site for more information on the district conference and on all upcoming 2012 district events. (FYI - the district site can be accessed from our website. Go to www.mendhamrotaryclub.org and click on the district site link)

REMINDER: Q1 Dues are due. If you cannot attend the upcoming meetings, please mail your dues to: Mendham Rotary, P.O. Box 312, Mendham, NJ 07945

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