Board Meeting This Wednesday
July 13th at 5:30pm


Last week's meeting was the first of the new Rotary year - so I guess I should wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


We re-capped our 4th of July activities (some pix below). We had a car in the parade and had our Food Booth selling bratwurst, hamburgers/cheeseburgers, and hot dogs. Turnout was a little lower than normal, but we still had fun and raised a few bucks.


Our new President, Ray Altenburger, gave an overview of what he sees for us in the coming year. Of course, we plan on having our Antique's show, and on working to make it better every year, but we also need to "brainstorm" other smaller fundraisers. So send your fundraising ideas to Ray. Increasing our membership is and ongoing goal. Frank Cioppettini is our new membership chair, so let him know any ideas you have for increasing our membership. Phyllis Florek is spearheading our Mendham TV project - starting with setting up a series of training session on consecutive Monday evenings in August. There is still room in the "class", so contact Phyllis if you are interested. Jim Thomas spoke briefly about water projects. It will be another 2 years before we are elegible for the new grant program. In the meantime, we need ideas for small projects (local or not) for which we can apply for the District Simplified Grant. We have several local projects that we plan on continuing, including the Dictionary Project and the MASH birthday parties. Georgine Meyer, as usual, will keep us involved with the Interfaith Food Pantry. Don't forget about those old cellphones that are collecting dust in your house. They can be donated to Rotary (and as a bonus, you will get rid of one more unwanted thing). Collection boxes are in both the Borough and Township (Brookside) post offices, and at Caldwell Banker. This is just sampling of items for the upcoming Rotary year.


We will have an International Exchange Student this year. After a year of "budgetary angst", Mendham High School has decided that they can accommodate an exchange student, and that the benefits to the students are definitely worth it. We will host a young lady from Hiroshima Japan this year. We have the first host family (thanks Frank & June), but we are still looking for more host families. Contact Sandi Laughlin if you are willing to host our student, or know a family that will. The host family does not have to be a Rotary member.


OK, as promised, here are a few pictures from our 4th of July activities. We had a car in the parade, and our usual food booth selling bratwurst, hamburgers/cheesburgers, and hot dogs. More pictures are in the photo album "2011 Fourth of July" on our Website.



Rotary car driven by President-Elect Beth Smith

President Ray Altenburger and (former) Exchange Student Joan Pages ride in the back


Grillmeisters Dwayne Dottin and Dilip Vora 


Frank Cioppettini cooking the hot dogs


People lining up at our food booth



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