Thanksgiving has come and gone.  How Sad?
Always one of the nicest holidays we have.   Mostly family, food, sports  and no gifts. It gives us a chance to think beyond ourselves and consider what is going on in the world outside. As we live our normal, rush around, busy lives, we hardly ever give pause to consider how lucky we are.  First to live in the US without a lot of the chaos that most people have to deal with every day. Although our problems seem big at times, if we look outside, we can not help but be grateful. 
Mendham Rotary and The Rotary Foundation is a path through which we can address some of the pressing World Problems. Our club participates in the RI grant programs. We donate funds that we raise in our club fundraisers to help many causes both local and foreign. All the grant money that RI gives out in grants comes from money that we as Rotarians and other generous people gift to The Rotary Foundation (TRF).  In order to keep this going and to assure TRF has money for our's and other's grants, it is important that we include TRF in our family giving program.   There are many ways to do this and they can be found on the District 7470 and the RI websites. 
If you are not familiar with all that Rotary does, it is well worth taking a look at these sites and see the good work that is being done. Its a great place to get ideas as to where we can help in the future.