At our Sept 30th meeting we hosted three of our six 2015 RYLA students (unfortunately, the others had schedule conflicts) - Faith Antonek, Hannah Staples, and Sarah Stover - as well as Mendham H.S. guidance counselor Lauren Buhowski. (click read more.... to continue)





 The students spoke about their experiences at the RYLA program. Going in, they imagined the program to be a lot of speakers/lectures, but soon discovered there is much more to the program, including many unexpected and fun activities. One that had an impact involved finding their way out of a box blindfolded, and of course the board breaking at the end of the weekend. All the activities are designed to teach something about leadership (i.e. the blindfolded box teaches about when to ask for help/it's ok to ask for help). They all found Camper Bull's story inspiring and Maggie Doyne's story awesome.
L to R: Hannah Staples, Faith Antonek, and Sarah Stover speaking to the club

L to R: Hanna Staples, Faith Antonek, and Sarah Stover - three of our six RYLA students