Our speaker at our May 20th meeting was Mendham Borough Mayor Neil Henry, who spoke of the "State of the Borough".
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Neil gave an overview of how the borough approaches the budget (and keeping the increase in  Borough part of our property taxes to a minimum). He also outlined how the new Borough Administrator (Rick Merkt) is reviewing "how things work" and looking for ways to make improvements (internally), share services, save money, etc.,  and taking a look at all the current issues before the Borough (including things like the current SCC proposal, Daytop, open space, etc.). Neil also informed us that the H.S. feasibility study is almost complete. He did remind us that any changes will not only need the individual community's government "on board", but also the local school board.

Club Member Jim Laughlin (right) presents Mendham Borough Mayor Neil Henry with a Rotary Coin featuring the Four Way Test on one side and the Rotary Logo on the other.