Last week DG Maurie Mader, accompanied by AG Carol Pellet, visited the Mendham Rotary Club. We had a fun meeting and heard an interesting talk by Maurie about the direction and goals for this Rotary year.

District Governor Maurie Mader Addresses the Mendham Rotary Club

DG Maurie Mader presented President Harry Pinto with two banners - a "Promote Rotary" Banner and a "2010-1011 Theme" Banner. Harry and Maurie, as you can see from the picture below, were trying to hide from the photographer (Janet) while posing with the banners.

Harry (left) and Maurie Hiding From the Photographer

We also took the opportunity to take a group photo with DG Maurie Mader and AG Carol Pellet.

The Whole Gang with DG Maurie (center in maroon jacket),
and AG Carol (slightly behind Maurie's left with purple sweater)

More Pictures on our Home Page in the PhotoJournal "DG Visit"

One of the things that DG Maurie mentioned is the RI Presidents Program called the RI Safari Project. This project is to encourage Rotarians to visit and participate in projects they are sponsoring, getting "hands-on" experience with the project. Thanks to Jim T. for looking up the information and downloading a PDF file about the project. The (Rotary Safari Guide) file can be found in the "downloads" section of our home page.

Jim T. has also received e-mail from Mayan Families in Guatemala. They present opportunities for us either as a club or as individuals to support kids in school. If interested follow the  link to the Mayan Families website and find someone you can get excited about helping through school.

Our "Get to know YOUR Mendham Rotary" Fundraiser and Membership Drive at Kings is the weekend of Nov. 6th and 7th. We will be in front of Kings from 9am to 5pm each day. Sign up sheets for 2 hr time slots will be at the meetings starting this week. See Adrienne to sign up. We need at least 2 people (preferably 3) for each shift.

We are also looking for any old or duplicate Rotarian magazines to have on the tables for people to look at.

Remember that this part of the Rooster is
for you to express your feeling about where
we are and where you would like to see the
club go in the future.  Send the editor any-
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