Our new DG, Frank Geraghty, visited our club at our July 8th meeting. (Click on "read more..." to continue) 

After being introduced by our AG Rodney Seifert, Frank addressed the club. First, Frank presented club member Sandi Laughlin with a certificate for her nomination last year (by our club) for the Vocational Award.

Sandi Laughlin (left) is surprised by DG Frank Geraghty's presentation

Frank then exchanged banners with club President Adrienne Pinto.

Frank began his presentation by telling us a few things about himself. He was born in Brookside and raised in Harding Twnsp, went to Delbarton, and enjoyed the Brookside 4th of July parade both as a participant and a spectator.

DG Frank Geraghty addressing the club
Frank's roots in Rotary go back to his days as an exchange student. He wanted to go to France, but ended up in Brazil (and his host dad was the current DG). Frank had learned French, but knew very little Portuguese. His first day in school, he asked a fellow student what the teacher's name was, and the student told him a "name" that translated into "SOB". Frank's first two lessons from his exchange student experience were: 1) Adaptability and 2) Learn the "curse words" in the native language...... Another experience from his year in Brazil was a visit to a Leper Hospital. Although this was the '70's and the patients were being treated with modern medicine, the hospital visit was "unbelievable" and reminded Frank of Greystone.
Frank then briefly spoke about RI President K.R. "Ravi" Ravindran, from Sri Lanka. Before becoming President of RI, Ravi chaired the committee which built 27 schools after the a devastating Tsunami. The RI Theme is "Be a Gift to the World". Frank reminded us that ALL of Rotary is a gift to the world through the many projects (both small and large) that we all do locally and globally.

Frank also spoke about the grant process (global and district), and told us about a District 7470 project with a club in Sao Paolo, Brazil to help homeless veterans in our district. He also briefly touched on the various resources the district has to help individual clubs.

Left to Right: AG Rodney Seifert, club President Adrienne Pinto, DG Frank Geraghty

We also would like to thank Stephanie Pinto for baking brownies in the shape of the RI logo for our meeting.