On Monday, Nov. 10, 2012 the Mendham Rotary Club presented Evan "Buzzy" Thomas with a Paul Harris Award. Buzzy is the OEM for Mendham Borough and Mendham Township. The award was for his outstanding service to the community during and in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The award was presented at the Mendham Township Committee Meeting.


Several club members attended the presentation - Ray Altenburger, Frank Cioppettini, Cecelia Donato, Sandi Laughlin, Georgine Meyer, Adrienne&Harry Pinto, Jim Thomas, and yours truly who was behind the camera taking pictures.


President Ray Altenburger (front right) presents Buzzy Thomas (front left) with the Paul Harris award.

Looking on are club members June Cioppettini, Harry Pinto and Cecelia Donato.


President-Elect and Mendham Township Council Member Frank Cioppettini presents

Looking on are club members Harry Pinto, Ray Altenburger, Adrienne Pinto, and Sandi Laughlin.


Buzzy Thomas (front left) shakes hands with President Ray Altenburger (front right) after receiving the Paul Harris Award. Looking on from left to right are Mendham Township Mayor Sam Tolley, club members Jim Thomas, Georgine Meyer, Harry Pinto, Cecelia Donato, Adrienne Pinto, Frank Cioppettini, and Sandi Laughlin.


More pictures from the Award presentation are in the photo album "Buzzy Thomas Paul Harris Award" on our home page.