A project that may have long term positive benefits for aboriginal people all across Canada started off in a decidedly modest fashion, when former District 5040 Rotary Governor Bob Blacker became aide de camp to His Honour Steven Point, the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia 2007 to 2012. Accompanying Point on various trips around the province, including those to remote First Nations reserves, Blacker discovered they had much in common, including an interest in helping others.
Bob Blacker visited our club and spoke about the passion he has gained since the first library partnership with Britco and Langley Central Rotary Club. There is much to read about on the Internet and in the local  papers. One has only to Google the words "Bob Blacker" to see what I mean.
Since the first library module was delivered to the Toosey first nations via Williams Lake Rotary much has been achieved. Like the proverbial pebble in a pond the ripples have touched many Rotary Clubs and First Nation people. The far reaching benefit to the children are the many programs that can now be offered with a library in place.
Toosay First Nations