Arizona Interact has completed its third trip to Kenya to deliver medical mobility devices to people who continue to suffer from Polio and other crippling diseases.
Matthew Syms, an Arizona District 5495 Interactor and Ambassador to Kenya on behalf of the Crutches For Africa program spoke at Gilbert Rotary Club this week.  He described in detail the efforts of Interactors to gather medical mobility devices, including but certainly not limited to crutches, for the use of Africans who continue to suffer from the ravages of Polio and other crippling diseases.   The supplies gathered during the last academic year were shipped to Kenya in February.  The Interact Ambassadors then flew from Arizona to Kenya this summer to help deliver these devices in person.  In the process, they met Rotarians, Rotoractors and other Interactors involved in the project.  It was the personal contacts that meant the most to Matthew, as he saw first hand how greatly appreciated these devices can be to the people receiving them.  It is life-changing for them and for our Ambassadors.  A portion of the two week stay was spent learning about water shortages.  A 10-mile walk to fetch water brought home the daily struggles of many Africans.  Providing clean water is a huge focus of Rotary around the world.  This young man gave a poised and positive presentation to our club and we wish him well as he continues his life's journey.