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While there are over 50 committees active in our club, these committees deserve special attention due to their popularity or need for access.
There are many other committees.  Look under the various Avenues of Service for a list of opportunities to serve our club, our community and our world
 Rotary Art Show

This committee is the management committee of our annual fundraiser, "The Rotary Fine Art Show.  This committee organizes the volunteers, schedules services and setup and take down of the Art Show.  Every member of the club is required to be part of this committee, either as a manager, or volunteer.

 Veterans Support Committee

Primary focus in on providing support and mentoring for veterans attending Foothill Community College.  They are also active in Veteran recognition programs in the community.

 WCS (World Community Service) The WCS committee meets monthly, and is the most active, and most popular committee in the club.  Its primary purpose is to identify problems throughout the world and direct our attention and funds to solving these problems
 Weekly Programs Committee This committee is chaired by the President Elect and is responsible for the selection of the weekly programs and speakers. It is open to all members.
 Membership Committee
Administers the new member recruitment and retention process. Identifies candidates for membership. Recommends to the board content of the orientation packet, requirements for blue badge and any significant changes in the process. Coordinates with the Red Badge Committee. Recommends measures to attract new members and to increase retention. 
 Red Badge Committee
Follows up on the progress of each Red Badge member in the effort to achieve their Blue Badge. Coordinates meetings to further acquaint Red Badgers with Rotary, assign to a committee(s) and become integrated into the Club. Coordinates activities with new members and their sponsors to assure reasonable progress. Oversees Red Badge philanthropic activity. Schedules Red Badgers to give 10 minute talks.