Red Badge Corner

Welcome to the Los Altos Rotary Club!

The Los Altos Rotary Club (“LARC”) was chartered on March 5, 1949, and its members have been doing great work ever since.  As you may have heard, we raise about $100,000 each year at Fine Art in the Park and we use those funds to support well-deserving local, national and international causes. 

We are a diverse group of people with wide-ranging interests.  There is bound to be something the club does that will pique your interest.  And, if you find that not to be the case, you are welcome to branch out on your own and bring your ideas to the club leadership.  Virtually all of the club’s current projects originated with an interest expressed by one of our members.

We hope you enjoy participating in our club as much as we do.   Many club members form long-lasting friendships, seeing each other at weekly meetings, committee meetings, and social functions.  We encourage you to attend as many of these meetings as possible so you meet a wide range of members. We look forward to getting to know you and hope you find new friends among us.

If you have questions or problems at anytime, please feel free to ask your sponsor, your mentor, the Red Badge Chair, the President, or anyone at the table where you happen to be sitting for a lunch meeting.  We are all happy to help you in any way that we can!


Karen Greguras
LARC Red Badge Chair
(650) 964-0212