Membership Committee
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Lindsay Carpenter



Committee Chair
Attendance Kris Olson
Membership Development  
Orientation Kendra Gjerseth
Application Expediter  
Rotary Information  
Red Badge Committee Karen Greugaras
Ten Minute Talks  


Attendance:  - Through personal contact, encourages attendance from members whose attendance is lagging, encourages make-ups (including visiting an Interact Club) and helps solve problems that are contributing to a members poor attendance.


Membership Development - Develops a list of candidates for membership who have proven track records of service to the community and have professions that may be under-represented in the Club. Goals may include bringing in younger members and to add to net membership by up to five persons.


Classifications: - Maintains a list of unfilled classifications within our service area. Informs members which classifications are open, including those of senior active members. Reviews prospective members vocation to assign proper classification.


Orientation:  - Prepares checklist of information items to be covered in orientation sessions. Plans, schedules, and presides at orientation sessions. Assures that Club Handbook is supplied to each new member.


Application Expediter:  - Follows up on all membership applications to assure timely and proper processing.


Red Badge Committee:  - Follows up on the progress of each rRed Badge member in the effort to achieve their Blue Badge. Coordinates meetings to further acquaint Red Badgers with Rotary. Oversees Red Badge philanthropic activity and project. Coordinates activities with new member and their sponsor to assure reasonable progress. Assures that all Red Badge members are properly assigned to committees and become integrated into the Club.


Rotary Information:  - Prepares and presents to the Club information on Rotary including history, procedures at the International, District and Club levels.


10-Minute Talks:  - Schedule 10-Minute Talks for Red and Blue Badgers. 

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