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Director of Fellowship

Cindy Bogard-O'Gorman

Fellowship Committees Chair
Family of Rotary Joanne Kavalaris
Fine Masters Cynthia Luedtke
Four Way Test Randy Kriegh
Progressive Dinner Sandy Mingia, Bart Nelson, and Deb Hope
Satellite Meeting Roy Lave
Song Leader Ron Stefani
Sporting Events Steve Shepherd
Social Events:
Sally Chaves
Theater/Dinner Evening John Sylvester
Thought for the Day Gary Brown
Weekly Greeters Shelley Emerson


  • Social Events: Social committee organizes approximately two social events per calendar quarter to offer members, and significant others, opportunities to participate in diverse, interesting activities. Committee plans, makes arrangements and is responsible for promoting events to build friendships and provide a valuable social perspective to Rotary.  Events will include Friday night fellowship parties, a winter holiday party, special event dinners and more. 
    • Holiday party
    • Festival of Lights
    • Progressive Dinner
    • Dinner for 8
    • A Sante
  • Weekly Greeters Members greet visitors, make them feel genuinely welcome and promote interaction with members of our Club to encourage associations and friendships.
  • Family of Rotary (Sunshine): Keeps membership informed of concerns within our Club regarding member or family illnesses, deaths or other general issues where a card or a kind word may help to cheer them.
  • Fine Masters: Selects members to enhance fellowship and enjoyment of weekly membership meetings through recognition.  Fining topics may enhance members knowledge of Rotary or reveal information about members without placing those fined in embarrassing situations.
  • Song Leader: Infuses spirit into each meeting by leading members in song.
  • Sporting Events: Encourage members to participate in sporting activities. May coordinate with representatives of other local service clubs to explore opportunities to participate in team events, 
    such as:
    • Softball
    • golf
    • Walks
    • Poker (Open)
    • Cycling and Tennis (Open)
  • Thought For the Day: Provides a thoughtful, often joyous moment of wisdom and reflection at the beginning of each meeting that puts the members in mind of our purpose in gathering together.
  • Four-Way Test: Periodically reminds membership of the Object of Rotary and the Four-Way Test. Promotes ethics in business and interactions with others.
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