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Stan Scardino

Community Service Committees Chair
Chamber of Commerce Pat Kapp
Community Round Table Joe Eyre
Community Service Agency  (CSA) Vicki Oldberg
Festival of Lights Dennis Young
Holiday Gifts for Teens Gigi Kubursi
Los Altos History Museum Jane Reed
Los Altos Village Association Scott Hunter
Partners for Elder Generations (PEG) Bart Nelson
Veterans Support Committee Ron Labitech, Chair


Chamber of Commerce:  - Acts as communications link between the Club (and its members) and the Los Altos Chamber of Commerce. Encourages Club and member participation in Chamber activities and programs.

Community Development - Civic Center Project: - Recommends to the Board of Directors improvements that the Club can make, in conjunction with the City, to improve the Garden House as a place to hold meetings and other events.

Community Picnics:  - Organizes and staffs a booth at Los Altos' and Los Altos Hills' community picnics to promote LARC and recruit new members.

Community Roundtable: - Assures appropriate LARC participation.

Community Service Agency (CSA): - Acts as a communications link between CSA and Rotary.  Advises Rotary when there is a particular need in the community that needs our support.

Festival of Lights Parade: - Recruits and organizes team of volunteers for LARC participation in the parade.  Arranges for Rotary members to gather as a group to enjoy the holiday festivities.

Green Town - Los Altos -  Acts as a communications link between Green Town Los Altos and Rotary.  Advises Rotary of Green Town initiatives where Rotary could be involved.

Holiday Gifts for Teens:  - Partnership with CSA to collect donations to acquire gift cards, which are distributed to teens.  Recognizes that Teens are often left out of other drives for families and “kids”.

Los Altos History Museum: - Makes LARC membership aware of local history and museum exhibitions.

Los Altos Village Association -  Acts as a communications link between the Village Association and LARC.

Nominations and Grants: - (Past President is Chair) Guides the Board of Directors in nominating Club members for various awards, both in Rotary and in the community throughout the year. Helps to choose and submit outside grant applications, such as Community Opportunity Grants from the District.

Partners for Elder Generations (PEG) -  Identifies actions that Rotary can initiate to improve the lives of seniors in the community.

Public Relations:  - Presents timely information to the community and media regarding the purpose, role, activities, and accomplishments of the Los Altos Rotary Club. Updates the LARC brochure. Develops a LARC slide presentation and speakers bureau.

Relay for Life: - Solicits LARC participation in the community fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

Veterans Support Committee – Primary focus in on providing support and mentoring for veterans attending Foothill College.  They are also active in Veteran recognition programs in the community.

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