Los Altos Rotary Climate Action Committee
The Mission of the Los Altos Rotary Club Climate Action Committee (LARCAC), formed in response to Rotary International’s newest area of focus, is to educate LARC members about environmental issues and how our actions as individuals can reduce our carbon footprint to improve the environment.
LARCAC will advance projects which will minimize our individual and collective environmental impact, including a carbon footprint calculator project, a project to capture Freon and eliminate it from refrigeration systems, and a lithium-Ion battery recycling pilot program.
We will collaborate with and create project templates to be used by other Rotary clubs.             
What has LARCAC done already? 
We have taken a membership survey, collected and analyzed data and have made recommendations to our club board on ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint when we go back to in person meetings.
We are using 10 minute and program speakers to discuss current environmental issues.
We’ll be working on an Interactor carbon calculator project (high school carbon footprint analysis), the Freon project, the Lithium-Ion battery recycling pilot program to be launched on March 19 and a solar panel installation project in collaboration with another Rotary Club.