A message from Ken Bellicot: 
That wonderful feeling of a warm sun on my face yesterday got me thinking about inviting Rotarians out for a gathering and perhaps some fun in the sun. In speaking with Troy Fritz, he said something like "well if we're going to get a group of Rotarians together then let's put them to work and do some good!" While I may be taking liberties with his exact words, we have been speaking about getting some boots on ground at one of our club's signature projects for a spring cleanup. This would be a great way to introduce yourself to the Community Out Post if you've never seen it, or to reacquaint yourself if it's been too long. 
Saturday morning May 14th at 8:30a  -- 600 13th Street South, Saint Cloud 56301
Anticipated timeline of 2 to 4 hours depending on attendance. (Many hands make light work!)
There will be plenty of jobs to choose from and many supplies provided, however as the list of attendees is gathered we may ask specifically for items to be brought with. 
One could anticipate to be involved in yard raking, coffee drinking, paint touch up, scintillating conversation, window washing, donut eating, sweeping, perhaps another coffee, mopping, perhaps another donut, and more! 
Please RSVP if you are able to attend so Ken Bellicot knows how many donuts to get and Troy knows how many people to tell what to do. He has informed me, due to a recent surgery, he cannot complete much work but his left hand pointing finger works perfectly!  : )