ImageIn the afterglow of Demolition Derby, I’m left with a warm and fuzzy feeling about our club, and what we do for our community. It’s not the first time. After each of our Derbies and Bike Rides, I am always newly inspired!

Our Demolition Derby is unique for bringing the community together -- we get such a wide assortment of humanity that would not otherwise come together.  I often hear comments of amazement about our diverse crowds in the stands, and how well everyone gets along. Much like a football game, there is common ground for camaraderie during the event, regardless of a person’s walk of life.

The community’s involvement is also demonstrated by the multitude of volunteers who work at Derby. Of the 156 workers onsite this year, far less than half were Rotarians! This shows a huge commitment to our event from the larger community, making our club a conduit for the community’s spirit of service.

Although our Bike Ride doesn’t require as many non-Rotarian workers, our whole community benefits from this event. The County is visited by thousands of Houstonians who are likely to come back and spend their money here.

At both events, Washington County is “on stage” to visitors, displaying its physical amenities and its warm, friendly atmosphere.  At each event, we get many comments about our welcoming hospitality and our well-organized management – people are impressed and delighted with what we do! Attendees and non-Rotarian volunteers keep coming back because they believe in us, and they want to be part of it all.

From a more personal perspective, I always leave our events feeling newly connected to fellow Rotarians. Our club is great because we work so well as a team, and our events give us opportunities to bond and become even stronger as a positive community force.

For all these reasons, I’m very proud to be part of this club. We are accomplishing great things together. It may not be apparent when we sit in meetings each week, but we are making a difference in Washington County!

In Rotary service,

Sharon Brass