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Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
Milby High School
1601 Broadway
Houston, TX  77012
United States of America
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Nov 05, 2019 12:15 PM
Eddie Myer Bean Bash
Nov 26, 2019 12:15 PM
A Harrisburg Tradition
Dec 03, 2019 12:15 PM
Harrisburg Christmas Program
Dec 17, 2019
Lunch and Ticket Auction
Dec 24, 2019
Dec 31, 2019
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Mar 03, 2020
Apr 07, 2020
From Joke Telling Contest... to Blood Drive... to Scholarship Awards Banquet... to Harrisburgers attending Installation of DG Gary Gillen...to getting a Proclamation from City of Houston celebrating our 80th Year as a Club!.....just a few happenings from Rotary Club of Harrisburg!...
...joke telling contest and blood drive...
...celebrating 80 years of Harrisburg Rotary!....
...District Governor Installation Dinner....
JUNE 2019
Another rotary year has passed, 
As always, we have saved the best for last. 
In that forest of great men who have served Harrisburg Rotary, 
This noble nut obviously did not fall very far from the tree. 
For twenty years now, 
This super Rotarian has pulled the Service-Above-Self plow. 
Her accomplishments make for a pretty long list, and how. 
From super Treasurer, to a fearless ADG, 
To reliable Club Secretary and member of the District Action Committee. 
She’s been the coolest of Club Presidents, 
As well as master invigorator of any number of “Because-It’s-For-A-Good-Cause” events. 
She makes things happen from beginning to end, 
From lunches to bikes to dictionaries to being a really great friend.  
For poor Janice, she has been the ever-faithful convention traveling bud. 
She’s always first in line to give a pint of mighty MDAnderson blood. 
It makes you wonder where we’d be, 
If all this hard work had to be done by you or me. 
What’s her most notable accomplishment, you may ask? 
She inspires us to say Yes to most any task. 
By soaring with this eagle, she makes us better, 
Because she’s just that kind of Rotary go-getter.  
So, our Rotarian of the Month is top of the line, totally deluxe, 
Yes, that’s right, it’s our Supergirl Rebecca Maddux
Poets: Cindy and Rex Moran, June 4, 2019

Dictionaries for 3rd Graders

Free BiLingual dictionaries given to local elementary school 3rd grade classes!


This is an annual service project of The Rotary Club of Harrisburg in Houston, Texas.  This year 672 BILINGUAL English/Spanish dictionaries were presented to 647 students and 25 teachers in 25 classrooms! Each book had a label in the inside cover with Rotary's 4-Way Test--which the students recited all together in class!, and there was a place on the label for the student to write their name. Students were instructed on the use of the 320-page dictionaries, and that at the end of the school year they would be able to keep their dictionaries and were encouraged to share with their families as a resource. This project reached all third graders at EIGHT different schools!

Jack Cates
Rotarian of the Month
May 2019  

This Rotarian doesn’t make much noise,
Cause  he’s steadily working, not sitting on his butt like the rest of us ol’ boys.
He’s a real get R done Rotarian,
Not to mention, a pretty good humanitarian,
He’s always there for any task, 
If you need any help, all you gotta do is ask.
Working the fundraisers or delivering bikes,
Nearly 20 years in, he’s definitely earned his stripes.
This club has really benefited from his service and then some,
In fact, as bonus, we even got his Super Mom.
Though he deflects attention with an “aw shucks,”
He has been most generous when donating his bucks.
What can we say about the man who has minded our clubs purse strings,
And keeps Rebecca amused among other things,
I’d say he’s one of Harrisburg Rotary’s greats,  
Which makes him our Rotarian of the Month, Jack Cates.
Poet Rex Moran, 7  May 2019
Thank you to the supporters of the scholarship fundraiser! Your purchase of Baked Potatoes helps Harrisburg Rotary fund scholarships!!!!
S&H Manufacturing 
Hank Hilliard
EZ Line 
H&H Tool & Die
Mike Kacal
B&B Pipe
Vico Manufacturing Inc.
P&M Air Conditioning 
Ace Hardware
Goliath Manufacturing 
City of South Houston 
Rios Ranch
Bostco/Kinder Morgan
Unique Fabs
Global Lighting Perspectives 
Virgil Gant Education Support Center
Air Filter Supply Co
Williamson Tire 
Web Devices
Metal Supermarkets
Steel Supply
Traf-Tex (donated $1000!)
Best Equipment Pumpworks
Brauns Roofing
Cox Hardware 
EMC Services
Precinct 6 Constable Silvia Treviño 
Cliff Helmcamp, Realtor with Greenwood King Properties 
Rick Garcia 
Bretthauer-Ramirez Staffing 
S&B Engineers (Donated $50!)
Mt Carmel Academy
Insulators Local No 22
Apache Steel
Allegiance Bank
Pasadena Learning Center
Extreme Custom & Paint 
Frost Bank
Constable Bert Soto (Donated $50!)
Snappy Printing
Best Screw (Donated $50!)
Thank you for helping to make and deliver the Baked Potato plates! #RotaryMoment!
Rotarian Helpers:
Non Rotarians:
Crystal Villarreal
Isla Lewis
Ana Salinas
Nina Lemus 
Daniel Villarreal
Anaida Vazquez
Chris Fonseca
Magda Lara
Arely Valdez
Allen Toten 
Bruce Holland
Robert Garza
Thank you to all that purchased raffle tickets! The winner is..... Scott Ackman! (Brother of Harrisburger James Ackman)
Isabel Villarreal
Rotarian of the Month
April 2019
This Rotarian is a beginner,
But she’s not afraid to step up which makes her a real winner.
She has proven quick and eager,
To jump in even though her tenure is a bit meager.
She has the enthusiasm this club needs for the future,
A lady of action, a doer of deeds, a real Rotarian booster.
And now in our moment of  need,
We truly appreciate her stepping up to lead.
We Rotarians have the reputation of being long in the tooth,
But look at us now, bringing the youth.
Just the tonic that’s required,
For this collection of old stogies and the retired,
She’s been a big help at all the car and fashion shows;
But she’s not just into clothes, now she’s working those hot potatoes. 
She has shown the courage to step right up,
So, let’s get together and support this pup,
Cause she is someone really especiale,
Our Rotarian of the Month and President Elect, Isabel Villarreal.
Poets: Cindy and Rex Moran, 2 April 2019
Thank you to all the attendees, auction contributors, supporters, and models! And special thank you to The Clothes Horse Boutique! Thank you to Rotary District 5890 Governor Carmen Cuneo for joining us for the fun! And thank you to Gayle Jircik for Chairing this successful fundraising event!
Virgil Cox
Rotarian of the Month
March 2019
This Rotarian is the middle man,
Of his Rotary clan.
Not to attach a label, but his Father was a charter member of the old farts table,
Of Joe, Harry, Paul, Dick and Lloyd,
Where they’d let the young pup join in though they were clearly annoyed.
Time rolls on, and he’s still here….leading us in song.
However, his best works are not as Harrisburg’s musical director,
But on Brett’s committee as a scholarship selector,
He does occasionally summons up laughter with his mirthful jabs and pokes;
Apparently with this author as the butt of his jokes.
Now, like his Dad, he has introduced another young lad,
To Rotary and its ideals; how “Service above Self” really feels.
The great Harry Plackemeier said “Each one, reach one”,
And that now includes his son,
So, this man knows the Rotary song, and how it really rocks,
He’s our Rotarian of the Month, Virgil Cox!
Poet: Rex Moran, March 12, 2019
Janice Jones
Rotarian of the Month
February 2019
This Rotarian whom we celebrate,
Has never been good, hell no, she’s great.
Twenty-three years’ service could be enough,
And would be if you’re a cream puff,
But she’s just gettin’ into the good stuff.
For this club she’s done it all;
Held every office and served on more committees than I can recall.
She’s helping convicts figure it out, a difficult task no doubt,
But she has never chosen the easy way,
Following the Rotary code of the “Things we think, do or say”.
Can’t thank her enough for running the speakers committee,
While I’m on the other side of the world sitting pretty.
She’s been our Rotary Social Gathering skipper,
Doing her best to keep this dour lot chipper.
She’s Rebecca’s accomplice and co-hort,
And endures my crass humor, gotta love a good sport.
Most of all, she’s one of Harrisburg Rotary’s foundation stones,
Which makes her our mighty Rotarian of the Month, Janice Jones!
Poet: Rex Moran,    February 26, 2019
Audrey Reed
Rotarian of the Month
January 2019
What a way to start 2019!
Being honored by Harrisburgers for accomplishing things!
I’m doing my part to continue tradition..
of a club that has “Service Above Self” as its mission.
I dream of a city with no modern day slavery..
a city where no one exists in such misery.
This club and its members inspire me to focus
and push forward our goals..
I’m committed to helping
whether in membership or projects or fundraising roles.
So to all my fellow Rotarians..
Thank you for making me feel extraordinary
By letting me be the Rotarian of the Month for January!
Poet: Audrey Reed,    January 22, 2019
Crespo Elementary perfect attendance students that won bicycles donated by the Rotary Club of Harrisburg! Our club is happy to celebrate their accomplishment of not missing any days during Fall 2018 semester! 
The last Meeting and the last service project of 2018!
Filling GoBAGS at Open Door Mission for rescued Human Trafficking Victims...
Celebrating the Holidays together at Donerakis!...
Harrisburgers have been busy!
Harrisburg's Newest Paul Harris Society member Callie Delahoussaye Perez!
Singing at Bethlehem in Pasadena! December 9, 2018
Announcing President-Elect Isabel Villarreal! December 4, 2018
Assembling GoBAGS for Rescued Human Trafficking Victims! December 1, 2018
4th Annual Swinging for Service Golf Tournament! November 5, 2018
Booth Exhibitor & Sponsor at East End Chamber's Women In Business 2018! October 24, 2018
Hosting Visit from Governor Carmen Cuneo! September 18, 2018
Installing New Club President Ron Acuna and Board! July 2018-June 2019
Chrystel Smith & Callie Perez
Rotarians of the Month
November 2018
It is crystal clear,  that we have gone one year,
Since celebrating this dynamic duo,
And certainly we do know,
Despite flooded homes and rambunctious twins,
They have never forgotten where Service Above Self begins.
That deep inside desire to make this world a better place,
Giving Rotary its human face, 
Not that difficult to tell them apart, 
But inside, they both have that same big ol’ heart,
With compassion and generosity clean off the chart.
Harrisburg Rotary is truly lucky to have them and the energy they provide,
With a selfless dedication to a higher cause that can’t denied.
They have become our workhorses of fundraising,
The hours, efforts they pour in are amazing,
Which is why really need to be praising,
This powerful pair who each have been our prez,
And, now, once again or Rotarians of the Month, Chrystal Smith and Callie Perez.
Poet: Rex Moran,    6 November 2018