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100% Paul Harris Fellow Club 

Chartered June 5, 1939 

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Service Above Self

We meet Tuesdays at 12:15 PM
Milby High School
1601 Broadway
Houston, TX  77012
United States
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Our Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 Guest Speaker was John Wilburn from Future Houston Foundation



Center for Houston's Future - The Region's Think Tank
1200 Smith, Suite 1150
Houston, TX 77002-4400
Phone: 713.844.9303


Center for Houston’s Future furthers the region as a top global community in which to work and live.


Center for Houston's Future works to solve our region's toughest problems by engaging diverse leaders, providing impactful research, and defining actionable strategies.



Guest Speaker for Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The WorkFaith Connection - Helping people in transition build a new life through work & faith.

Scott Wesley - Grants Writer


The WorkFaith Connection

5100 Travis Street
Houston, TX 77002
Phone:  281-833-3435

10120 Northwest Freeway, Suite 200
Houston, TX 77092
Phone:  713-984-9611
Fax: 713-476-9706









Three hoops a holler and a couple of cheers,

This worthy bunch has been around 74 years.

Their founding president, by the way, was Frances Sears,

Times have changed,

And men and women’s roles have been re-arranged,

But certainly some qualities are constant and persevere,

Even with responsibilities of husband, family and career,

They managed to organize, meet and make sure good works were done,

And leave a little time for fellowship and fun.

And lord knows,

We’ve all had a laugh at their over the top fashion shows. 

Today, there 18 of them or so,

Linda, Ann, Billie, Beverly and Jo,

Betty, Deloris, LaDoyce, Lenora and Jerri,

Gayle, Carol, Louise, Margie and Mary  

Paula, Willien, and Mrs. Brashears who uses G in her Gerri.

Now a call has come saying they are a no longer a group, it’s the end of the game.

But, now they’ll be same folks in a different troop….. a rose by any other name.

If enduring friendships, loyalty and good works are always part of your plans,

Then you are member of our Rotarians of the Month, the Harrisburg Rotary Ann’s.



It’s been nearly 12 years,

Since he joined his Rotary peers,

But now he’s shiftin’ gears,

And he’s pickin’ up speed,

Revin’ up for his coming year, ready to proceed.

He knows what it takes to succeed.

He was there for Rudy when our Boat Ride had a need.

And was almost a Robinhood in tights,

Helping at St. Christopher’s school with the Early Act Knights.

Getting it going, things are really beginning to click,

Passing out school dictionaries, and making it quick.

With all his helpers:  James, Shonda, Richard, Arlette, Audrey and Dick,

Along with Becca, Christian, John,  Janderine, Rudy and Rick,

He’s off to a great start, taking his responsibilities to heart,

Now it’s up to the rest of us to do our part,

Marching forward in our Rotary Parade singing our tune-a,

Behind our new leader-to-be and Rotarian of the Month, Ron Acuna


Friday, February 1, 2013 saw another successful Knighting Ceremony for both St. Christopher’s and The Rotary Club of Harrisburg in more ways than one.  Sir James was in attendance to award 7 medal recipients for the character traits of discipline for the K-5th grade students and defense for the 6th-8th graders.  In a show of courage by the teachers and staff of St. Christopher’s, there were two grade levels in which a recipient was not chosen because, in the opinion of the teachers, while they have great students, there was not a child that displayed the high level needed of discipline or defense to attain the medal. While the decision to not award 2 medals was a very difficult one, it shows that the teachers understand the true meaning of the program, and they themselves are displaying the virtues they are trying to help instill in their students.  It is decisions like this that makes one believe that along with being the “Greatest Rotary Club in the World”, we also have the “Greatest Early Act First Knight School in the World.”  In only their first year in the program, the effort and commitment displayed by the staff of St. Christopher’s is commendable.  As a club, we should be proud of the job they are doing at St. Christopher’s and be sure to plan on visiting the next Knighting Ceremony on March 1, 2013 at 1 PM.   Thanks to the Rotarians in attendance, Ron Acuna, as always, Richard Fitzpatrick, Lisa Faith Massey, and James Ackman.


Frank Vasquez

Rotarian of the Month

Rotary Club of Harrisburg

April 2014 


It’s been said, and not without a little dread,

They don’t make Rotarians like they used to, 

But maybe, they still do. 

Our man is fresh and new,

Got some ideas on what he’d like to do before he’s through.

Obviously, he’s got lots of smarts,

Pays his way machining and stamping out parts.

With life partner, Anaida, they have quite a family,

With Vanessa, young Anaida, Monica and Franky,

And the next Gen’s on the way, with Grandson, Cheque.

He spends some his spare time playing golf, or out at the Rodeo cooking off.

But it’s always family at the end of the day,

Taking care of Mom, vacations with kids or helping raise pigs with the daughter’s FFA.

Sure enough, he’s got the right stuff,

So, his energy, enthusiasm and sense of service are essentially,

What Harrisburg Rotary needs for this new century,

He’s a man who means what he says,

And he’s also our newest Rotarian of the Month, Frank Vasquez. 

 By: Rex Moran, April 1


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