Mark Wilkening - Bridging "We Furnish with Hope"

Mark shared how Bridging brings help to those who are transitioning out of homelessness and poverty and how they are different from other agencies that also serve the same demographics.  Bridging only focuses on furniture and household goods and works through referrals to match those in need with the shopping experience to furnish homes.
The service does have a $60 fee and clients can shop for up to $1,800 worth of furnishings.
There are many ways members can get involved - from donating "the good stuff" furniture and furnishings, creating a team building event and come and put together dressers, or join in the super fun fundraising event, "Bed Race for Bridging" on March 14, 2020.  This event is full of joy and costumes and people sliding down Buck Hill on an mattress.
The organization is tax deductible, so if you are considering donating items, please consider Bridging!

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