Beth Warner, Host
Park Nicollet Melrose Center

WRC learned about the Melrose Center, part of the Park Nicollet Foundation.  The Melrose Center serves adults and children of all genders struggling with all types of eating disorders.  Eating disorders are a particularly difficult mental disorder to treat and takes a multi-disciplinary approach to recognize, manage, and treat eating disorders.  A team of psychologists, therapists, registered dieticians, primary care doctor, and psychiatrists work together to help patients.
Andrew and Alison Humphrey shared the heart breaking story of how they lost their daughter, Clare, to this disorder.  Clare struggled for 10 years with the disorder before ending her own life.  Andrew and Alison have started the Clare Susan Humphrey Memorial Endowment Fund to support Melrose Center eating disorder patients and their families in an effort to reduce the economic barriers that prevent successful treatment and access to care.  Because of the wide range of insurance coverage, many patients are not able to access the full treatment options available to them due to restrictions.  The Endowment Fund's aim is to help those patients ensure they are able to access all of the care needed.
Andrew and Alison's hope is to raise awareness and reduce the stigma around this disorder.