Thank you Board Members!


Our final meeting with Angela Bernhardt, as our club President, was full of "thank-you's" and applause.  Angela thanked the board members for attending the monthly board meetings, trying to teach her "Roberts Rules of Order," being great partners in this work, and presented them with a Rotary coin.

Pictured:  Bruce Lea, Jim Houg, Mark Lauffenburger, Ben Hovland, Steve Hance, Angela Berhnardt, Doug Arndt, Chris Pierson, Tom Vettel, Hope Schroeppel.


Shout-outs went to the following members: 

Ben Hovland:  Thank you for leading our marketing efforts, taking pictures at our meetings, putting information on our Facebook page, and making sure we look good!
Kelly Sater:  Thank you for ensuring we get press releases our and writing guest columns in the Sun Sailor about the work we do for the Wayzata Rotary.
Chris Pearson:  Thank you for leading our song each week!
Tom Vettel and Adam Thompson:  Great job on memberships!  We have 9 new members (Adam Thompson, Kelly Sater, Norrie Thomas, Nathan Wentzlaff, James? Tyler Fredrickson, Paula Paulson, Adam Fonda, and Gloria Inamagua), 4 members under 40, and an 86% retention rate!  Thanks to your work, the future of Wayzata Rotary is looking bright.
Mark Lauffenburger:  Thank you for working on this year’s grant applications for the Rotary!
Tom Vettel and Chris Pearson:  Thank you for your leadership on our international grants, and wrapping up the grant reporting after the loss of our beloved Dr. Arne K.
Lynn Vettel and Mike Rye:  thank you for being our volunteer chairs and empowering our members to seek out opportunities. We’ve started the “Volunteer Corner” of our weekly newsletter, listing opportunities in our community, and we had an on-site service project at IOCP, thanks to Lynn!
Andy Theilen:  Thank you for your efforts in getting the canoe rack built.
General Bob Shadley:  Thank you leading our wheel chair collection efforts!
JR Boisclair and Lisa Fraga: Thank you for co-chairing programs and thank you to everyone who hosted a meeting this year!
Darrell Leines: Thank you for coordinating the Holiday Committee and Live Auction.  You were a great emcee and with the help of his committee, Becky Pierson, Bruce Lea, Steve Hance and others, implemented some great changes to the event and raised lots of money!
Bruce Lea and Scott Gengler:  Thank you for leading our scholarship efforts.  We were able to grant 16-$1,000 scholarships this year!