Barron County, WI Sheriff, Chris Fitzgerald - Guest
Dennis Zahrbock - Host

Sheriff Fitzgerald shared with WRC the story of how the abduction of 13 year old, Jayme Closs, and the murder of her parents rocked the small community in 2018.  
There were over 4,500 tips received during the 18 month investigation, 61 FBI field offices were linked, and Google assigned a dedicated rep to help them with technology.   This case was difficult to solve as it was a random perpetrator who abducted Jayme and in the end, she was able to escape.  
Sheriff Fitzgerald was very much in awe of just far far the FBI's reach is for technology and power.  He was very grateful for the media in keeping the story alive and in hindsight, is overwhelmed with the "goodness" that he and all of the investigators felt when the case came to a close.  
He hopes to take that amazing feeling and do more good with it.  Members had lots of questions!