Mike Gratz - MiPro, Guest
Chace Anderson, Host

Mike Gratz, Managing Director and Partner, and Sarah Nesset, Vice President of Services, of MiPro were our guests and share a hands-on example of how their agency works with clients to drill down identified problems and find solutions, or the "Metric of Urgency Way."
Mike shared how MiPro worked with a hospital on their admissions and how they came to realize that the "denial rate" is more of a problem factor rather than the "referral" rate.  In a nutshell the process includes:
  1. Create definition of need
  2. Create a problem statement (not a solution)
  3. Look at processes in simple ways
  4. Determine the metric of urgency
  5. Identify the correct solution
For Wayzata Public Schools, Mike recently implemented the Metric of Urgency method with a team of Wayzata Public Schools' staff to determine instructional and achievement measurement approaches intended to improve third grade reading and mathematics proficiency.  This work resulted in an extension of pre-K outreach practices and parent education opportunities to help ensure more students are ready for kindergarten.