Michael Houston and Chelsea Montgomery - Guests
Pat Houston - Host

Michael Houston, wife of member Pat Houston, and Carlson School of Management Student, Chelsea Montgomery, were our guests.  Michael shared some history of how Carlson College came to be - back in 1986 with the fall of the Berlin Wall a watershed moment was had.  There was a realization by Carlson College was way behind in educating students in the field of business.  Shortly after this an opportunity came to pair with the Warsaw School of Economics which led to three Executive MBA Programs being created in China, Vienna, Austria, and Warsaw Poland.
The curriculum has evolved and now each undergraduate student is required to study abroad during their studies.  Times can be 10 days to a semester or more, but the requirement has become a keystone of the curriculum and is very well received by students and parents.
Chelsea Montgomery shared her experience of studying a business entrepreneurial idea around a private house model similar to Air BNB where citizens turned their homes into places for tourists to stay.  The hotels in Cuba are run by the government and are very expensive.  She spent a semester preparing for the trip and worked with a group in Cuba before flying down and spending 10 days in Cuba.  Chelsea had an amazing time and hopes to visit again.
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