Feed My Starving Children - "A Blast!"

Kelly Sater, James Houg, Kathy Leervig, and Nancy Holden all participated in the Feed My Starving Children food packing event.  Reports back were that is was super fun, went really fast, and only one person fainted (not someone we know!)
President, Kelly Sater, has a goal for at least 20 members to volunteer their time outside of Rotary meetings in the community.  We are looking into more ideas to be directly involved with the Wayzata community, particularly as the holiday season is around the corner.  (Gift wrapping, adopt a family, leaf raking).  If you have any ideas, please let Kelly or Shelley know.
If you have participated in a volunteer event in the community, please let Shelley know so she can add you to the list of 20, and also award you with an attendance make-up!