Spring/Summer Awards

President, Kelly Sater, was delighted to hand out Paul Harris Fellow certificates and pins to fellow Rotarians.  For Rotary year 2018-2018, WRC welcomed Becky Pierson, Hope Schroeppel, and Beth Warner to the Paul Harris Fellowship circle.  Thank you for your support!
The club recognized member, Ben Hoveland, with a Paul Harris Fellow as a thank you for all the hard work Ben did to facilitate the Music by the Lake fundraising effort for WRC.  As a club, we are able to use points and direct a donation to honor a member and WRC could think of no better person to thank.  Thank you Ben!
WRC also recognized the following members for their continued support of Rotary International and the Paul Harris Society:
Norrie Thomas  - PH+2
Sarah Kaelberer - PH+4 
Mark Lauffenberger - PH+5
Cliff Otten - PH +6
Mike Lee - PH+6
Tom Metcalf - PH +8