Nancy McCoy - Guest
Norrie Thomas - Guest

Nancy McCoy, retired Reading Specialist from the Wayzata Public Schools, developed the Literacy Volunteer Program for the Wayzata Public Schools.   Nancy shared some fascinating facts and studies to help WRC members understand the different types of literacy needed to be successful in today's world (Reading, Cultural, and Technological).  Literacy today means the ability to read and write; and a competence or knowledge of a specific area.
She shared with us the current state of reading literacy in the district, where the achievement gap in reading begins, and some tips to help students improve their literacy.  One of the most interesting facts from her presentation is where the word gap is when children enter school:  Children from the "welfare" class tend to have been exposed to 13 million words; children from "working class" tend to have been exposed to 26 million words; and children from a "professional class" tend to have already been exposed to 45 million words!
Some tips she shared to ensure children are competent in reading involves positive feedback being given to children, reading 30 minutes a day outside of school, and parents reading to their children.   Support of community organizations such as "Interfaith Outreach,"  "Great Expectations," and "PEAK-A-Family University" are great organizations that are always looking for volunteers.  
Charlene Barghini and Colleen Wier shared an overview of the Wayzata Public Schools Literacy Volunteer Program.
For information on the Literacy Volunteer Program, please contact Charlene Barghini or Colleen Wier.