Tom Hubler, Guest
Lynn Groll, Host

Author and Consultant, Tom Hubler, was our guest and presented information on family business dynamics, how to create structure and balance within a family business, and the two most important subjects to be willing to talk about: money and death.


In his book, The Soul of Family Businesses, A Practical Guide to Family Business Success and a Loving Family, Tom shares case studies and practical advise for building a strong foundation for a family business, discusses the "soul" of the business, best practices, managing conflict, succession planning, the family legacy, and advise for advisors.


Speak your truth without criticism.  Positive communication includes talking, listening, resolving conflicts, forgiving, and understanding Hubler's "speck of dust" theory.  When families don't discuss their differences, these little specks of dust collect and turn into larger problems.  He also shared that it is important that all generations feel valid and that a failure to plan and avoidance, are the two biggest pitfalls in the demise of family businesses.