Alan Arthur - Aeon "Home Changes Everything"

The crisis around affordable housing is set to become the worse it has been since the Great Depression.  The next two decades will be very dire for the poor.  Alan shared a sobering fact: 75-100 units per week of affordable housing are lost in MN.  He also shared the 700-900K people will be moving into Minnesota in the next decade which will exacerbate the housing crisis that is beginning to show in Minnesota.  One main factor in the crisis brewing is the reduction over the last 35 years by the federal government cutting funding to housing.  In Minnesota, we will see more homelessness and the next 20 years will be bad for the poor.
Aeon is a non-profit organization that works to acquire housing properties around the cities, renovate them, and keep them in working order.  Since 1986 they have purchased or renovated more than 4,000 apartments and townhomes.  These homes provide stability to 8,500 people each year.   They also work partner specific communities to address needs such as autism housing and vet housing.  
To help you can donate, volunteer, or even work at Aeon.